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Nestled in the buzzing tech hub of Calicut, Promiza IT Solutions has firmly established itself as a premier IT service provider in India and the Middle East since its inception in 2011. Our ascent to the pinnacle of the IT services industry is a result of a highly skilled team and a robust Human Resource Management System. We understand the ever-changing requirements of businesses, and thus our cloud-based billing solutions and property management systems are specifically designed for maximum efficiency, customer satisfaction, and return on investment. In addition, our tailored restaurant management system grants cafes and eateries a seamless online ordering and billing experience. Join us at Promiza and discover a world of cutting-edge solutions, as we lead the way in digital transformation as your reliable partner.

Promiza's Product Human resource management system

Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

The modern world is dominated by technology, and in this era, Human Resource Management System (HRM) software goes beyond its mere functionalities. It's about understanding and catering to human experiences and needs. At vSuperHR, we take pride in being known as the leading HRM software in Kerala, as we have created a system that seamlessly combines technology with empathy. Our top priority is to make our software user-friendly, so that even those with limited tech expertise can navigate it with ease. Immerse yourself in the perfect union of technology and humanity, and redefine your HR efficiency. To discover more, visit

Advanced Cloud Billing Solutions

Say goodbye to the traditional headaches of computerized billing with PROMIZA's revolutionary cloud solutions. Unlike outdated onsite setups that require constant support, our cutting-edge cloud technology offers a smoother and more efficient experience. As the digital world continues to evolve, we at PROMIZA have embraced the move towards cloud computing, setting the gold standard for billing in today's market. With cost-effectiveness and reliability at the forefront, our cloud billing solutions effortlessly cater to diverse customer needs. Embrace the future of billing with PROMIZA and experience the full potential of cloud technology.

Promiza's Product Billing solutions
Promiza's Property management system

Property Management System (PMS)

Discover the endless possibilities of flawless property management with the Best property management software in Kerala. Our cutting-edge and cloud-based solution is specifically designed to cater to properties of all sizes, making waves in the industry from improving customer relations to streamlining financial supervision, risk evaluation, and maximizing ROI. Revel in unmatched automation and productivity while benefiting from a budget-friendly solution that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Embrace the future of property management effortlessly and with groundbreaking innovation.
The beauty of this system is very cost effective, easy to use from any location where internet is available.

Restaurant Management System (RMS)

Welcome to the era of technology where restaurants and cafes flourish through smooth operations and outstanding customer experiences. Our state-of-the-art Restaurant Management System (RMS) goes above and beyond just providing modern technology. It strives to create unforgettable dining moments for your customers. Designed for small to medium-sized establishments, our RMS seamlessly integrates online ordering, streamlined billing, and efficient customer management. No matter if you own a local eatery or manage a chain throughout Kerala, our system ensures constant connectivity and empowerment. Embrace the future of dining management by embracing the perfect balance of technology and genuine warmth, resulting in unparalleled and personalized service. Join us on this journey to enhance your restaurant's operations and take your guests' experiences to the next level.

Promiza's Restaurant management system